Resources for Online Instruction


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all aspects of our society to reconsider how we operate. In a very short period of time, colleges and universities across the world had to change how they engage and educate their students. This page is dedicated to providing analytics and O.R. educators with useful information designed to help during this unprecedented time of change and uncertainty.

  1. The Art of Teaching OR/MS Practice (OR/MS Today) (By Patrick S. Noonan) — Guitarist/award-winning professor emeritus riffs on life, lessons and learning. 
  2. Kaggle Competitions in the Classroom: Retrospectives and Recommendations (OR/MS Today) (By Daniel C. Ruiz,  Doug Fletcher,  Andrew O. Hall,  Kyle King) — Interesting tool allows educators to add motivation and inject friendly competition into their data science course. 
  3. INFORMS Transactions on Education, Virtual Special Issue: Online Education
  4. How Education Brings Us Together
  5. Three questions every university must ask as they plan to reopen
  6. Lesson’s learned from South African Universities needing to quickly deliver courses online in 2015-2017
  7. Covid-19 Migration to Online: Entering the second phase
  8. Traversing the Edge of Chaos: Phase 1 and 2 preparations for post COVID-19 world 
  9. Carrie Beam from the University of Arkansas conducted a session at the 2018 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ (Nov. 4-7) that help faculty answer the following question: “I’ve taught in the classroom for 30 years, and now my dean is pressuring me to move my class online. Where to start?”

  10. "I need to move all of my face-to-face classes online. I have 48 hours to do it. Help!” In this presentation, INFORMS member Carrie Beam of the University of Arkansas, who has been delivering online courses for O.R. master’s students since 2007, provides some timely advice on how to move your classes online in the time of social distancing during COVID-19.

  11. Virtual Training Best Practices from the Association for Talent Development
  12. AACSB Survey Impacts of COVID-19 on Business Schools
  13. Harvard Business Publishing Education: Moving Your Classroom Online
  14. Mathematical Association of America advocating for relaxing expectations under the current crisis

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